Madness in Madison – Removing the Protesters

By YeOldeScribe ~ March 10th, 2011 @ 9:51 pm will do our best to provide you extensive coverage of the day’s events in Madison (before our writer passes out from exhaustion).  As you know from our previous post, the Republicans, led by Wis. Gov. Scott Walker, attempted to pull a fast one on democrats, the state of Wisconsin, and democracy as a whole last night. The result was the passage of the budget repair bill through the Senate – without the 14 Democrats, who remain in Illinois. The passage of the bill took less than 1 min, and the protests took about as long to form, too. By the time the 10 o’clock news rolled around, over 7,000 people filled the capitol, chanting “Shame!” “What have you done?” and “Recall Walker!” amongst other things not suitable for publication. Police officials attempted to clear the protesters out of the building last night, but over 100 remained, even though it’s now illegal to stay in the building past closing hours now.

Protests resumed in the morning, and by this time, the crowds were more than temperamental. CNN reported earlier in the day that protesters were starting to get belligerent, and pounded on windows and walls, shaking them. The Capital Times reported that a door was kicked in as well. In short, the situation was less that peaceful. Capitol police decided at this point that a security sweep of the building needed to be completed.

Keep in mind that this was not an easy decision for the Capitol Police to make. Closing down the building would mean removing the 100-200 people still in the building from last night’s protest, securing every entrance of the building while the sweep was being conducted, and most importantly it would mean delaying the Assembly from convening. See, the Assembly can’t meet when the capitol isn’t open to the public – one of those great rules created by progressive thinkers to force openness in government.

Most of the protesters left without incident, but some had to be dragged out against their will. Looking at video, it doesn’t look like any of the protesters put up a fight, which is a good thing. The protesters were forcibly removed, the security sweep was completed, and the capitol re-opened.

But this action has upset many liberals and union supporters. If you listen to the video, one of the women being dragged out yells “I am being kidnapped!” Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with reports of police “forcibly removing” protesters and that “It’s a clear violation of their rights not to be in the capitol.”

For the most part, has sided with the protesters, but this time, the Capitol Police are clearly in the right. Once the protesters started to get rowdy (and once they started making death threats against Republicans), the Capitol Police had every right to shut down the building. And no, the woman was not being kidnapped. Actually, the police were doing her a favor by dragging her away – they had every right to arrest her once she was refusing to comply with a police order.

Let’s make it very clear that the police had one thing in mind when they shut down that building – safety. The Capitol Police is responsible for the safety of everyone inside the building – protesters and government workers alike – and with everything happening all at once, we definitely support their decision to close the building down for safety reasons. There was no malicious intent. As soon as their security sweep was done, the building re-opened and protesters were allowed back in, assuming they passed the newly-established security checkpoint.

We don’t really understand the outrage here. The police were doing their job, trying to quell a situation the protesters themselves caused. This wasn’t about police brutality or trying to silence the voices of Wisconsin workers. This was about public officials doing their job and keeping everyone safe. The protesters who had to be dragged out did nothing but belittle the actual strife and hardship that’s happening.

The Capitol Police have been helpful, respectful, and supportive of the protesters every step of the way through the entire process. Shame on the protesters for trying to make them out to be the bad guys. Sorry to say it, but this time, the protesters are 100 percent in the wrong.

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