2012 Presidential Elections – “The Donald” as the Republican Nominee?

By YeOldeScribe ~ April 19th, 2011 @ 11:46 pm

After spending a week digging through the modern history of Federal Budgets and examining three separate 70+ page budget proposals in detail, it’s safe to say that we at Political Progressives are sick of numbers. So we’re taking a break (possibly forever) from looking at budgets, and instead focusing on a different number – 2012.

The 2012 elections will be huge for both parties – the Republicans will be looking to build on the leads they made in the 2010 Mid-Term Elections and possibly win control of the Senate (and, of course, the White House). Meanwhile the Democrats are trying to retain their grasp on the Senate and Presidency, and have their sites set on earning back the House as well. Only time will tell who wins what, but here at Political Progressives, we’ll take a look at the 2012 race for President all this week.

We’re starting off our coverage on the Republican side, and first up on our list of candidates is Donald Trump. Mr. Trump hasn’t even officially declared his candidacy or even formed an exploratory committee, a traditional 1st step in the candidacy process. Trump is a business mogul who has made millions via investing in real estate, hotels, casinos, and his own Multi-Level Marketing scheme. Trump has dabbled in politics before, but has never ran for any political office.

That’s the 2-minute version of Trump’s life so far. But we want to dig a little deeper into Trump’s previous political musings. See, most people think that this is “The Donald” ‘s first time getting involved in politics. It’s not. In 2000, Trump was considering running on the Reform Party ticket. He’s been a Republican all his life, although he’s had some less than conservative views than his comrades in red. In 2000, Trump favored a 14% one-time tax on estates over 10 million, and also advocated for universal health care. Trump also considered running in 2004 and 2008 as the Republican nominee but eventually backed out, and even considered running for Governor of New York in 2006.

But who is The Donald, really? To us, he’s nothing more than a scam – a sham of “the good life” that he panders to people who still believe his name is associated with elegance and perfection, when in reality he’s nothing more than a failure and an attentional whore. Those may be really hash words, but in our assessment, they’re true.

First, let’s look at Trump’s success in business. Trump’s various businesses have been in bankruptcy multiple times, and The Donald himself has flirted with personal bankruptcy on more than one occasion. He financed the building of the Taj Mahal with high interest junk bonds. The Trump Plaza Hotel filed for bankruptcy soon after, and Trump lost his Trump Shuttle air service to US Airways not much later. By ’94, Trump was almost personally in the hole $1 billion, but his businesses were $3.5 billion in the red. Many times Trump has been forced to give up ownership of properties to others because he couldn’t afford to pay the bills, and he’s had to restructure loans and debts more times than we can count. Our favorite Donald moment comes in 2008, though – the recession hit Trump hard and he was going to be forced by courts to pay back some money he borrowed. Trump had the audacity to argue that the economy crashing was an “Act of God”, and therefore he didn’t have to repay the debt. (The idea that the economic downturn is being blamed on the divine and not greedy, money-loving bastards like Trump is what makes us livid. The gall of some people.)

Trump stays afloat because after his projects inevitably fail and he’s forced to give them up to banks and individuals who were foolish enough to loan him money in the first place, Trump allows these people to still use his name. For some reason, slapping “Trump” in front of a building guarantees that not only will the building be completely full as soon as it opens, there will be a bidding war just to do business there. As this article in Time points out, without the Trump name, he’s just another failed businessman, another steak salesman, another vitamin peddler. Trump is rich because people think he is. Because people associate his name with greatness when they have no rational reason to. His best business venture yet was being on the Apprentice, where he apparently now makes $3 million an episode (that’s more than Charlie Sheen used to make, folks).

But enough about The Donald’s failings as a person and as a businessman. Let’s take a look at his failings in the political arena. As we said earlier, Trump was once in favor of a National Healthcare program. Now he’s against it. Trump originally supported Hillary Clinton, a Democrat in the 2008 election. He soon switched his support to John McCain. Trump has previously said he “might” run for president, then he said he was “considering” it, which turned into “very seriously” considering running. Now we’re at “really thinking about it more seriously than ever before” which we think translates roughly into Code Orange on the Homeland Security color coded safety chart.

So what does Trump believe in now? Well, Trump has so far “campaigned” on only one issue – that Current US President Barack Obama is not a US citizen and therefore can’t legally be the president. Nevermind he showed his birth certificate. Nevermind that Hawaii has verified they have it, it’s on file, and it’s legit. Ignore the fact that the non-partisan FactCheck.org has verified it’s real and not photoshopped as some idiots claim it is. And by all means don’t look at the local newspaper that has Obama’s birth announcement in it. The conspiracy theory has to be true, right? Trump is nothing more than a moron for even beginning to suggest that Obama can’t be President, pandering to the lowest common denominator in the Republican party. To put icing on the cake, none other than Glenn Beck himself accuses Trump of going too far.

But the real reason why Trump won’t run for the Republican nomination is much simpler than anything else we’ve discussed so far – If he were to run, Trump would have to file a full financial disclosure statement, something he’d never do. See, Trump’s worth is estimated at 2.7 billion now (it used to be as low as $788 million). But were he to run, everyone would know exactly what he’s worth – and that’s the one thing The Donald just can’t afford to let happen. As this excellent commentary from CNN points out, such a document “could wind up making him the laughingstock of the nation, and at a minimum would have hundreds of reporters combing through it, line by line, for months and even years on end to find out just how much Mister Big Stuff is really worth.” Trump doesn’t want that. Trump can’t have that happen or he’d be exposed as the fraud he is. So he’ll continue this little song and dance to get a bigger cut from NBC for The Apprentice, and then he’ll announce that he’s not running once again.

In short, our opinion of Donald Trump is very low. He’s not scum of the earth material, but close. In our opinion, he’s just a step away from the Bernie Madoff’s of the world, and the only reason he’s not in jail with his friend is because his name is still worth something – for now. It’s only a matter of time until he’s exposed for the scam artist he really is. But because he won’t be running for president in 2012, that time won’t be soon (at least not soon enough).

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1 Response to 2012 Presidential Elections – “The Donald” as the Republican Nominee?

  1. Chris McConaughay

    Personally, I thought that Trump was just trying to make people talk about what he wanted them to talk about. I think the term might be “shape the debate.” It might also have been a ruse, to drum up ratings and clout. It might have also have been a desire to play attack dog to discourage independents from voting for anyone in 2012.

    Then the polls came out and he was actually doing well. Then the game changed. He was almost exclusively critical of the president for a long time, and then, after the polls show him as the Republican front runner, he turned on Mitt Romney.

    The sad thing is, I think he’s actually serious now. I don’t think he can possibly win if he went toe to toe with the president, so that’s something. Really though, I like to feel like I’m making an actual choice every time I vote, and if it’s between Trump and Obama, I don’t think that’s a actual choice at all.


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