2012 Presidential Elections – Is Palin Ready?

By YeOldeScribe ~ April 21st, 2011 @ 12:25 am

The first victim in our Republican lineup of presidential potentials, Donald Trump, didn’t receive a warm welcome from us here at Political Progressives. Things don’t get much better for the GOP as we take a look at tonight’s nominee, former Alaskan Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin. (Don’t worry, things get better for the Republicans tomorrow. We promise.)

Anyone who knows our writer can already see where this review is heading. For everyone else, let’s just say that when he calls Palin his BFF, the sarcasm is so thick it could crush a small child. But there’s a reason why Political Progressives can’t stand Palin. Actually, there’s way more than one.

But before we go there, we first want to point out one difference from yesterday’s hopeful to today’s: we sincerely believe that Palin will try to run. Like we said yesterday, The Donald won’t run because then everyone would know exactly how little he and his investments are worth. But Palin has nothing to lose, and has been preparing for this election ever since she stepped down from her job as the Governor of Alaska. More on that later, but the important thing to note is that unlinke Trump, we believe her to be serious about running.

That being said, she won’t win the nomination. Here’s why:

The biggest thing Palin had going for her is that she has name recognition. The problem is it’s not the kind of name recognition she wants. Remember when she couldn’t name a single magazine she had read in the past year? Or when she made Glenn Beck look smart when she couldn’t name a single founding father? Or when she couldn’t name a single supreme court case besides Roe v. Wade? Or when she suggested that the Netherlands (or the Dutch people) would be the best country to clean up the BP oil spill because they have experience “cleaning up water”? Or when she said her foreign policy experience stems from the fact that she can see Russia from Alaska? Or how she was for the “Bridge to Nowhere” before she was against it? There’s more, but if we watch any more Sarah Palin videos on YouTube, we’ll probably die from laughing too hard. Thankfully, TPM has us covered in this 5-minute montage of Palin Fails.

Thankfully, American has gotten wise to just how fit a leader Palin would be. In a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, the number of people who rank her favorably is only 58% among those who identify as Republican. (They tried the same poll for Democrats and Independents, but the results came back in the negatives somehow.) Worse, those same Republicans rank her as unfavorable 37% of the time – the highest among leading candidates for the Republican Nomination for President. If Palin can’t even carry her own party, what real hope does she have?

But Palin’s biggest weakness is her inability to win over independents and liberals. Palin is a birther, pro-life and a member of the NRA. Not exactly the most middle-ground type of personalities. On top of that, as we pointed out two paragraphs above, Palin couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with instructions written on the heel. Liberals and Independents tend to frown on people whose ages are higher than their IQ score – and that’s been true for Palin since she became a teenager. Palin has about as much of a chance of winning over a single liberal or independent vote as Charlie Sheen does of getting sober, becoming monogamous and turning his life around.

Palin should just enjoy her little job at Fox News, because even if she tries to run, she’s not going to make it. Her own party is starting to hate her. Everyone else already does. The Fox news gig is perfect for her and the network, because as former director of the Office of Strategic Initiatives Peter Wehner put it, “[Palin] seems at best disinterested in ideas or lacks the ability to articulate any philosophical justification for them. She relies instead on shallow talking points.”

EDIT: Here’s the section we forgot to add…
On top of all of those things, let’s not forget that Palin’s already proved that she can’t handle the job. This is the same woman who ran away from her duty as the Governor of Alaska because people were making fun of her and investigating whether she used her power and resources for personal gain. The day that she stepped down, the first thing we thought was “well, there go her chances of becoming president”. How could anyone possibly vote for her to be the President of the United States of America if she can’t handle being the Governor of Upper Canada Alaska? Does she really think it’s going to get any easier? Being the governor of a bunch of caribou and oil fields is a cakewalk to literally being the ruler of the free world! And let’s not forget that it was later found that she really did abuse her power as governor to do favors for family and friends, and this wasn’t just some witch hunt (or, if it was, they found out she’s really a witch in the process). So we’re going to trust a woman who couldn’t run the state of Alaska properly without trying to settle some personal vendettas with our country’s nuclear weapons arsenal? Yeah, that seems like a really good idea. Bottom line: When Palin stepped down in Alaska, it should have meant she stepped out of politics forever. And when it was found that she actually abused her power, it should have meant the same. This woman has essentially self-admitted that a) she can’t do the job and b) she can’t do it fairly.

Calling her shallow is offensive to wading pools across the nation. Sarah Palin is nothing short of an idiot with a voice, and for some reason people keep listening to her, hoping that maybe one day, she’ll say something close to intelligent. She’ll run for the Presidency and fail, and that will be the biggest victory the Republican party will be able to claim in the 2012 elections.

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