2012 Presidential Elections – Huckabee Vs Romney – Who Wins?

By YeOldeScribe ~ April 22nd, 2011 @ 12:13 am

As you can tell by our title for tonight’s entry in Political Progressives, we feel that these are the two men who will be duking it out for the Republican Nomination. We’ll tell you why both men have a chance below. We’re thinking on Monday we’ll do a run down of some other candidates (i.e. Tim Pawlenty, Michelle Blachmann, Ron Paul, etc.) and why they won’t win. Until then, let’s take a look at why we feel these two men will – and decide who will get the nod. We’ll start with Romney.

Mitt Romney is the former Governor of Massachusetts, where he served one term from 2003-2007. One of his more notable achievements before his tenure in the Bay State was his role in the Olympics – or rather in bringing them back to the US. Romney steered and organized the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah as the SEO of the Salt Lake Organizing committee. He helped turn the games into a financial success for the area and showed the world that the US is a great place to hold Olympic events. As governor, Romney did a lot of good for his state. There’s two big things to note that Romney did. First, Romney took office and immeadately faced a budget shortfall of over a half a billion, which was expected to rise to $3 billion the next year. Romney got the state’s financial house in order right away. He cut programs where needed and increased fees to offset the rising costs across the board. With one year left in his term, Massachusetts actually had a $700 million surplus. Second, Romney was a huge advocate of universal health care, and under his tenure Massachusetts became the first state to pass such a law. The plan included an individual mandate which said that almost all citizens had to have health insurance of some kind. Looking back, it’s kind of ironic that Romney, a Republican, had to fight and deal with state congressional Democrats to get the bill passed. Romney tried and failed to run for the White House in 2008, and has since written a book.

Mike Huckabee is also a former governor, although he comes from Arkansas. Huckabee was elected three times to the state’s top honor. While Romney’s success was mostly political, Huckabee’s appeal comes mostly from his speaking prowess. Huckabee was a Baptist minister before he was ever a politician, and he’s always said that the two should not be separated.  Mike has credited his skills as a minister as crucial as his success as a politician. Huckabee came to power in Arkansas during a time when it seemed that every politician was crooked or abusing their power. Bill Clinton was accused of abusing his power to seduce women. Gov. Jim Guy Tucker was convicted of fraud in the Watergate scandal, which also implicated Clinton. And when Huckabee won the Lieutenant Governor job (according to the man himself). “The doors to my office were spitefully nailed shut from the inside, office furniture and equipment were removed, and the budget spent down to almost nothing prior to our arriving. After fifty-nine days of public outcry, the doors were finally opened for me to occupy the actual office I had been elected to hold two months earlier.” The biggest things to know about Huckabee is he’s very conservative and very religious.

So which man wins the nomination? Honestly, we think it’s going to be very close – closer than it was in 2008, even. And we’re okay with that because we’re okay with either man winning. From our personal standpoint, we’d like to see Huckabee win. Our writer has covered speeches by Huckabee, and he has a gift with words just like our current president does. Huckabee has strong convictions and believes in them strongly. On a personal level, our writer likes Huckabee very much, and wouldn’t mind at all seeing him go up against Obama.

That being said, we feel that Romney should (and will) get the nod. First of all, while Huckabee may be the better speech-giver, Romney is the better politician. He took a budget almost $4 billion in the hole and turned it completely around, even giving his state a near $1 billion surplus – all in three years. Huckabee’s biggest achievement in Arkansas politics was essentially not being corrupt. Not only did Romney get things done, he worked with both sides to do it. Romney was credited with breaking up Democratic (and some Republican) opposition to his massive Health Care Bill, and did so without sending both sides at each other’s necks. On top of all that, Romney is more personable than Huckabee. Yes, the former Arkansas Governor gives a great speech. But whether it’s looks or personality, Romney can win you over just as well, and he comes off as less abrasive.

But the biggest reason that Romney will win is because he’s more moderate. As evidenced by the fact that he was pushing for universal health care before Obama had even thought about it, Romney has ruffled more feathers in his own party than he has with Democrats. Yes, Romney made some hard, conservative cuts to bring his budget in order – but the important thing is he got the job done, something that all political allegiances appreciates. In contrast, Huckabee now has a show on Fox News, which should tell you exactly how moderate he is. And if you’re going up against Obama, you need to win the Independent vote. Independents and conservative Democrats will run like crazy away from Huckabee, but Romney might entice enough of them to have a shot at winning the White House in 2012. Romney has achieved more, worked with both parties more, and has more experience with budgets – three things that are going to be key in 2012. For those reasons, he should win the nomination, and we think he will. Huckabee will win a lot of support in the Deep South/Bible Belt, but Romney has the advantage everywhere else, and should be able to win the nomination down the stretch. Like we said earlier, this is going to be a close one, but we truly feel at this point it’s Romney’s to lose.

Currently, the polling numbers don’t really show a clear winner. Romney has won more polls since the mid-term elections, but Huckabee has won more recently. Wikipedia actually has a really cool graphic showing all the polls conducted recently in regards to the 2012 election, so check that out here. In other words, it’ll be close (or at least it is now, but we don’t expect that to change).

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at how Romney will fare against incumbent President Barack Obama, and we’ll let you know who we think will be occupying the White House come January 2012. Don’t miss it!

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2 Responses to 2012 Presidential Elections – Huckabee Vs Romney – Who Wins?

  1. Sarah McKinney

    Do you think that Romney would go ahead with the health care law, if elected into the Whitehouse? How do you think Republicans would feel about that? I would be curious to see what would happen with that if he were elected.

  2. YeOldeScribe

    Since Obama was elected, Romney has majorly backed off on the health care debate and he no longer really likes to talk about his groundbreaking proposal, which we feel is quite sad. While we understand that such an issue is unpopular with Republicans, we had hoped that Romney would stick to his guns and point out the good it did. While Romney will never say that what he did was a mistake, he has said on record that “If I were president, on Day One I would issue an executive order paving the way for Obamacare waivers to all 50 states.”

    This upsets us on two levels. First, that Romney is pandering to his Republican fools by calling Health Care Reform “ObamaCare” and second, that he’d repeal something he advocated so hard in his home state. While we understand his argument that what’s good for one state isn’t good for every state, we find it hard to believe that people having quality health care is a good thing in Massachusetts and not the rest of the nation.

    In other words, shame on you, Romney. Next time, stick to your guns.

    Thanks for the wonderful question, Sarah! And thanks for reading!


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