Osama bin Laden’s Death Photo – Should it be Released?

By YeOldeScribe ~ May 5th, 2011 @ 9:15 pm

A couple days ago, we made a joke about how some people didn’t believe Osama bin Laden (OBL) was dead because Obama hadn’t released a photograph of it yet. Apparently, those people didn’t laugh like they were supposed to.

They’re officially called “Deathers”, an obvious transition from the “Birther” movement that was finally put to rest when President Obama released his long form birth certificate. Ironically enough, many of the same people who were birthers are now deathers, which should tell you exactly how much credence to give them. These deathers believe one or more of the following things:

* OBL was captured, not killed, in last week’s raid and is now being tortured by the CIA for information

* OBL has been dead for some time and wasn’t killed in the raid

* OBL escaped and wasn’t killed in the raid. He’s still very much at large

* OBL doesn’t really exist and is just a construct of the CIA – A “boogeyman” that the CIA can blame anything on.

Let’s get one thing straight here, people: Osama bin Laden is dead. He was killed in the raid in Pakistan last week, and was buried at sea in accordance with Muslim customs (or in as close accordance as possible given his celebrity status in the terrorist community). How do we know this?

* The President of the United States said so, and we trust our Commander in Chief unless given a reason not to

* We’ve been trying to capture OBL for the last decade. If we didn’t really get him (or if we got him previously/he was already dead), why announce it now?

*If OBL was already dead, we wouldn’t have gathered all the intel that was at the compound – intel that suggested another attack on US soil was going to happen sometime this year. (By the way al Queda, way to wait until Biden was VP to attack our rail system. You guys really do know how to piss us off, eh?)

* If OBL wasn’t dead, the White House wouldn’t say they had a photo and then choose not to release it, because it would know that eventually, that photo is going to come out.

* If OBL was still alive, he would be on al Jazeera right now telling his followers how the “Great Satan” (that’s us) tried to capture him and failed

* If it wasn’t OBL, why did a DNA match confirm it was?

* If we didn’t get OBL, why stage a fake raid in Pakistan that would just piss them off?

* If we captured OBL and didn’t kill him, why announce he’s dead? Capturing the man would have been an even bigger deal because then he would truly have been brought to justice by a court.

* Most importantly, if we didn’t really kill OBL, why do witness – including OBL’s own daughter – say we did?

Look, Political Progressives loves a good conspiracy theory – and the government is full of them. From the magic bullet to Watergate, our nation’s history is full of them – some more believable than others, and even some that were proven to be true. But the evidence just isn’t there for this one. OBL is dead, and there’s no reason to think differently.

Why is that so important? First, it proves these deathers are just as racist as their birther friends. But more importantly, it disproves the need to release the photo right now.

There’s only one reason for the photo to be released right this instant, and that’s if you don’t believe OBL is dead. If you believe he is and you trust our government to tell the greatest lie ever told and take the greatest risk ever in telling said greatest lie ever told, then you don’t need to see the picture of it. It’s as simple as that – you trust the government and the insurmountable evidence that says OBL is dead, or you join up with the birthers and deathers.

Why else would you need to see it? To set it as your computer’s background? To make posters of it and hold parades in honor of OBL’s death? To further celebrate his killing? You should already know how we feel about that. And the President thinks that’s the wrong way to go about things too.

See, as much as our “Patriotic American Southerners” (Read: Rednecks) would love to have a picture of OBL dead so they can run it up their flagpole right next to the confederate flag, the idea that we’re worshiping OBL’s death might not be the message we want to send to the rest of the world right now – specifically other terrorists. Anyone familiar with Christianity should understand the concept of “martyrdom”, and that’s exactly what releasing OBL’s death shot would do – turn him into a martyr. And martyrs don’t ever die, really – someone picks up the proverbial flag of the martyr and carries out their goals and plans. Why do you think that before the public even found out about OBL’s death, Obama put our military troops on high alert? Killing OBL doesn’t make our military personnel any safer – in fact, in the short term, it puts them in even greater danger as terrorists are looking to retaliate. You want to add fuel to that fire? Release a picture of his death. Doing so serves only one purpose: getting more American soldiers (and maybe even innocent American civilians) killed over our hubris. That’s all releasing the photo would be about – our excessive pride over something we really shouldn’t be proud of in the first place.

Should the photo be released eventually? Yes – if only to shut up those deather whack-jobs. But now is not the time. Maybe by 2012 enough time will have passed and the photo can be released. We’re guessing that’s when it’ll happen so Obama can remind people closer to the election that yes, the world’s #1 terrorist was killed on his watch. Maybe it’ll come sooner, maybe it’ll come later. But it shouldn’t be released now, or in the immediate future. There’s no reason why it should be, and plenty of reasons why it shouldn’t be.

If you do have a reason as to why the image should be released, then we’d love to hear from you – please post in the comments! All we ask is that you keep an open mind, and at least consider the points mentioned above.

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3 Responses to Osama bin Laden’s Death Photo – Should it be Released?

  1. Chris McConaughay

    I know I should have said something when racism was first commented on in the first birthers post, but the assertion was repeated here as well.

    To start with, Osama is dead, Obama is lawfully the President of the United States, we landed on the moon in 1969, Oswald acted alone, and anything else I need to say to earn my non-conspiratorial street cred.

    Second, I’ve always felt that George W Bush was… to put it kindly, “the wrong man for the job.” (it’s relevant to later comments.)

    I take exception to the assertion that birthers and deathers are, at their core, driven by nothing but racism. I’m not saying that there aren’t racists in their ranks, but there are many reasons that people don’t want to admit to or are looking for a loopholes to discredit the president’s legitimacy.

    That reason is that they disagree with his policies, core beliefs, and actions.

    I’ve seen it before. Constant lies and defamation of George W Bush comes to mind. I’m going out on a limb to say that those criticisms probably weren’t based on his race, but instead based on his policies, core beliefs, and actions.

    Another good reason is that they’re crazy. Just crazy. Maybe crazy racists, but maybe some of them are just crazy anti-establishment types. Maybe they’re colorblind crazies. Crazy is an equal opportunity organization.

    So, there are two good reasons that aren’t based on race that could explain the birther/deather “movement.”

    I don’t think it does anyone any favors when political debate devolves into one side saying “Obama is bad” and the other just says “racist.” In my experience, both of those arguments are just an attempt to make the other side shut up. (I have to admit, I’m throwing rocks in a glass house here, because I do this myself sometimes, but I’m trying to be better about it.)

  2. YeOldeScribe

    Fair enough, and we’ll concede straight out that some of the birthers may just be crazy and not crazy racists. And we really hadn’t considered the idea that some people might just hate the man or hate the man’s policies and not the man’s race – it’s an interesting light to shed on that debate, something you evidenced by pointing out a lot of what was said about Bush (we remember a lot of the lies too, although we certainly didn’t stop them from being spread at the time). We’ll have to think about that more (and possibly do a follow-up post on it), but that’s an interesting thought, and we’re glad you brought it to our attention, Chris! As always, your comments are welcomed and much appreciated!

  3. Jesse dziedzic

    I could not think you are more right!!!


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