Donald Trump Not Running For President is His Greatest Act of Cowardice

By YeOldeScribe ~ May 17th, 2011 @ 12:18 am

We had announced on Facebook earlier that we would be doing a post today on Herb Kohl’s decision to retire and vacate his US Senate seat in 2012, but some breaking news happened that we predicted several times – real estate mogul Donald Trump had decided that he will not run for president in 2012. (We’ll do a three-part series on the Senate seat starting tomorrow, taking a look at who we think the Republican and Democratic nominees will be, and who we think will win the seat.)

Political Progressives will be the first to admit that we’ve already made some mistakes in taking a look at the 2012 election. We really did think that Mike Huckabee would run for president, and we originally thought that Newt Gingrich would drop out before the primaries were over (now we have him running to the end as Romney’s best challenger). But from the very beginning, we never wavered on this one. As early as a month ago when there was still plenty of hype and hoopla surrounding Trump because the birther movement was still going full steam ahead, we were already saying he wouldn’t run. So I guess we should say thanks to The Donald for proving us right about how awful of a person you are.

So why are we so hard on Trump for not running when just yesterday we praised Mike Huckabee for doing the very same thing. There’s five easy answers to this question, so don’t go calling us hypocrites just yet – hear us out.

First, Huckabee was honest as to why he was not running, and Trump was not – at least not entirely. Huckabee did his best to stay out of the media’s way while still entertaining the idea of running before he eventually bowed out because his heart wasn’t in it (and we take the former Baptist minister at his word). Trump essentially tried to make the same argument in a statement released today, saying “Ultimately, however, business is my greatest passion and I am not ready to leave the private sector.” This is a bold-faced half-truth. Yes, we’re sure Trump loves the private sector, but that’s not the reason why he’s not running. We’ll go into the biggest reason in our fifth point, but here’s a couple others. First, Trump would have to give up his Apprentice TV show (which we don’t consider as “business”). He makes a cool $3 million per episode on that show, and NBC recently said that it would continue to air the show in his absence. The Donald couldn’t live with the idea that someone else would be making money off a show he starred on originally, and decided he liked that gig better.

If you need more ways Trump wasn’t being truthful, our second point provides them too – Huckabee left on his own terms, Trump did not. As early as last week, Huckabee was outright winning the 2012 nomination in some polls. And how has The Donald fared recently? Let’s just say not as well. Trump was running on a platform that Obama wasn’t American and that Obama couldn’t handle security issues, especially internationally. The current president shut Trump up for good by releasing his long form birth certificate and killing Osama bin Laden. And the public responded in similar fashion according to a recent poll. 71% of Americans agreed that  his campaign was a joke, and only 1 in 4 felt he even had a shot at beating Obama in a head-to-head election. He maintained an “unfavorable” rating of 64% (Obama’s is 39%) and would lose to Obama in a presidential election by 22 percentage points (which would be the worst defeat in the last 40 years and the worst Republican defeat since the 2nd time FDR ran).

This leads directly into our third point – Huckabee bowed out with humility and respect, while Trump exited with hubris and arrogance. In the same breath of announcing he wasn’t running, Trump said:

“This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country. I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election.”

As we’ve already shown, not a word in this tirade is true. Trump won one poll out of 37 since the beginning of the year, and that was before Obama blasted him out of the water (twice). He never won a head to head matchup against Obama in any reputable poll before the release of the birth certificate and before OBL’s death, and he certainly isn’t going to win one in light of those events. But even if there was a lick of truth to anything Trump said, that’s still not the way to announce you’re not running. Huckabee was one of two serious candidates who had a legitimate shot of beating Obama, and poll numbers prove it. And when he announced he wasn’t running, he didn’t take shots at the President, or the media, or members of his own party. He left the race with class, while Trump was nothing but classless.

Fourth, Huckabee was considering running for the right reasons, while Trump (if he was ever considering running at all) was not. Huckabee would have run because he felt the country was going in the wrong direction, because he disagreed with many of Obama’s policies and programs. Trump would have run just to promote and bolster the image of Donald Trump. Trump actually agreed with the current president on many of his more controversial issues – The Donald was an advocate of Universal Health Care in 2000, and supported taxing the rich then too. Even though he now says he disagrees with what the president is doing, at best it’s a flip-flop and at worse it’s an outright lie. Trump was running just to get his name out there, to make his buildings, vitamins and TV shows worth even more than they’re really worth. As this excellent CNN article points out, Trump was doing nothing more than flirting with the media, just as he has every four years in the recent future. Trump throws out captivating sound bites that the media is essentially forced to pick up, and he gets notoriety and recognition again. Mission Accomplished, Mr. Trump – this election cycle was by far the most attention grabbing, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in 2016.

But the biggest reason why we don’t support Trump’s announcement? He’s not running because he’s a coward. He’s hiding for two reasons – first, because he doesn’t want to make the tough decisions. Donald’s personal and business life are full of examples where when he had to make tough calls, they proved to be disastrous. The toughest choice he’s had to make in the recent past has been who to say “You’re Fired” to on his silly show. Second – and most importantly – Trump is running away from this election because if he ran, he’d be exposed as the fraud he really is. See, Trump is a real estate mogul because his name is worth something. His estimated wealth is 2.8 billion, but no one really knows how much he’s actually worth except The Donald himself, and he doesn’t want anyone else to know that dirty little secret. And why is that? Because he’s not worth anywhere close to that much. The only reason Trump isn’t in jail right now for going bankrupt and defaulting on so many loans is because if he’s out of jail, other people can still use his name to make money. Rightfully, jail is where this dishonest businessman belongs. Yet he’s allowed to stay out because of the illusion that he’s worth billions of dollars. But were he to run for the White House, he would have to release his financial information to the general public. It’s a formality for honest people, so of course this step would trip Trump up. If his financial paperwork were released, all of the world would know exactly how little he’s really worth. They’d know that he’s wealthy only because other people think he’s wealthy. They’d know he’s a scam artist, a liar and a fraud – and Trump could never have that. So instead, he let the world know that he’s just a media whore and a coward.

All we have to say is good riddance, Mr. Trump. It’s kind of ironic that you’ve managed to use our little blog to get even more attention drawn to you, even if it’s not the attention you were hoping for. We’re happy announcement only because it means we’ll never have to write about you again (at least not until 2016, unless you get really desperate and consider a congressional run in 2014). Thank you for proving how big of idiots the birthers and deathers are. Thank you for turning the Republican party into a joke. But most importantly, thank you for announcing you’re not running for election in 2012.

Now please leave the spotlight and go back to your crummy TV show.

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